Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pros and Cons of Cyber School days

As the season is changing and the temperature is dropping a main concern for many teachers and students, especially up North is- How many snow days will winter bring and how many will we have to make up in June? For many people up north, their school district has built in snow days simply because where they live, blizzards and snowstorms are a yearly occurrence and they are to be expected. But, even with built in snow days, mother nature can surprise us and force the school year either just a couple days passed its expectancy or even a few weeks. While watching a reality TV show about a mother and her eight children living in Pennsylvania, the idea about Cyber School Days was brought up. While filming their show, they had experienced a blizzard that had canceled school for about three days. But, instead of sitting at home bored all day, their schools had their daily assignments online for them to work on so that when they finally came back to school, they were prepared to move on. They called it a Cyber School day. Being someone who has been affected by snow days in June, I was intrigued and began listing the pros and cons of Cyber School Days:


  • Students and teachers stay on track-
Depending on what part of the country you live in, whether it be urban or a rural area, snow days can interrupt the school schedules for a couple of days or even weeks. By the time students and teachers come back they have to spend the first couple days making up and repeating where they had left off at. With Cyber School days, students and teachers can keep up working on projects and tasks from home with online assignments.

  • The school year stays on schedule
There is nothing more miserable waking up in the middle of June and getting ready to go to school when you know you should have been finished weeks ago. Doing the work during the year really pays off, in the end giving the hardworking students and teachers the full length of summer they truly deserve.

  • No one is there holding the students accountable for their work-
A con of having school days held online is that there is no one there in person holding the students accountable. Rarely do the parents get snow days when the kids do so a lot of the time it can not always work unless they are at an appropriate age to be held accountable for their actions, like middle and high school. One way I suppose this could be solved would be to have a video conference with a tool like Zoom. That way, at 8 o'clock all the students could check in with the teacher for attendance and ask questions about the assignments.
  • Not all children have equal access to technology and wifi
Unless you are a 1:1 school, there is no official promise that children are going to be capable of completing online assignments. Even if you are a 1:1 school, it is not a requirement for them to have access to internet or wifi at home.
  • Weather can get really out of hand, making connection really hard. 
Very rarely do snowstorms get so bad that it knocks out power in the entire town, but it does happen. At that point, safety becomes everyone's number one priority and making up snow days comes last. 

Even though there are a few more cons than pros, I do feel like the pros outway the cons. If more and more schools try to make cyber school days happen, it will become the norm and I really feel like it will pay off in the end. 

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